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Sous Chef Jai | Family | Kernersville, NC

"Can I help?" 

That's usually how my son Jaiven begins his approach in the kitchen. He's such a great helper with any task, but he enjoys seeing things come together in the kitchen. This started a few months ago. Several meals and baked goods later, my wife decided to purchase his own chef outfit from Curious Chef. Over the weekend he made his first German Chocolate Cake from scratch.

"Where are the ingredients?" 

So ready to jump the gun with his meals, Sous Chef Jai sometimes wants to throw everything in at once. It's understandable as he can't control his excitement. How about us as adults? Is it normal for us to try to rush the process? Personally, I know at times I try to take on everything at once which I know isn't the best thing to do. Sometimes it's best to just sit, think, and put the ingredients in one by one.

"It's almost finished!"

The excitement that he exhibits while prepping is great. He's so ready for it to be finished that he even watches the oven with great anticipation. Jai understand that he has to wait some time before his food/baked goods are completed. When it's finished, he has the biggest smile. "I helped make a cake for Pop Pop!" As we start off this week, let's keep the thought that the project, deadline, or whatever you're dealing with is almost finished. Hang in there.

Stay phocused my friends...