Sakara | Senior | High Point, NC

As a photographer, it's a privilege to encounter inspiring people. Such was the case when I met Sakara. Her grandmother and I used to work together and I was honored when asked to photograph her granddaughter's senior pictures. This young lady is special! Hospitalized the week of the shoot due to epilepsy, she was determined to go through with her photo shoot. I'll admit, she was a natural in front of the lens. My assistant and I couldn't believe the ease in which she took photos after experiencing such a rough week. She's a natural! She'll be graduating a year early, makes straight As, and wants to become a doctor. Phocused by Darryl wishes you all the success in the world Sakara!

Brooke | Senior | Greensboro, NC

Phocused by Darryl Photography had the pleasure of photographing Brooke's senior pictures in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. I've known the 2015 graduate since she was a youngster. I've kept in touch over the years and felt honored when her mother asked us to shoot Brooke's photos. Our shoot was upbeat and she did a great job. Congratulations Brooke! We wish you all the best! If you're looking for senior photos and desire a unique photo shoot you can find us on Facebook at Phocused by Darryl Photography.

Aja | Senior | Greensboro, NC

Recently I was asked by a dear friend if I was able to photograph her sister for her senior pictures. Who I encountered was a lovely young lady full of enthusiasm and drive. Aja is graduating from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I know a thing or two about UNCG seeing that I'm a proud alumni. She'll be obtaining her English Major, American Sign Language (ASL) Minor and Entrepreneurship Minor. That's awesome! We had a blast shooting her photos across campus. Congrats and good luck Aja!