Where's my cell phone?!

"I'm good. Everything is under control."

What can you tell about a person from looking at their cell phone? Age? Financial status? Hobbies? It may be hard to tell. Many people will tell you they can't live life without a cell phone. Everyone has oneright? I know a gentleman that doesn't own one. I remember initially asking " do you NOT have one!?" His response was that he didn't need the distraction. Of course those sitting with us during conversation wanted to know what he'd do in an emergency. "I'm good. Everything in under control."

Such a powerful and confident statement. How many of us can echo the same sentiment? Knowing that everything is good and under control with perhaps your personal life? Maybe your business. The cell phone was simply an example as we know it's way much more to life than just a mobile device. Perhaps you're on the right track to getting where you want to be. I posted on FB earlier today "Plot your destination/dream. Buckle up. Appreciate the traffic, roadblocks, and detours. Just stay locked in on the end result. You'll get there." It's a journey ladies and gents, but you don't have to do it alone.

Who do you want be? Where's your destination? Whichever route you're taking, I certainly wish you the best and if I can be of any help along the way artistically, simply contact PBD. Determine what route you're taking and grab it by the horns! Let's be great!