"Trust me I'm not running for office. However, I am for the people and providing an exceptional product...."

Earlier this week my family and I celebrated 4 years of business. It was different than the previous years as the celebration was subdued and consisted of a conversation between us. I had to remind my 5 year that he was certainly a part of the business as his smiling face has propelled us in more ways than he'll never know. "Happy birthday PBD!" Then he ran off to play. 

As I look back, I never thought I'd be in such a position to affect lives by creating memorable media. The wheels keep on turning. Our first term is up and the same questions arise to challenge the current processes. What worked well? How do we improve? What needs to go? I have family members that have spoken about our involvement in the community and say "When are you running for something?" Trust me I'm not running for office. However, I am for the people and providing an exceptional product to propel businesses and families to cherish.

Ribbon cutting ceremony, 2017.

Ribbon cutting ceremony, 2017.

So what has the first 4 years taught me?

  • Good & bad days will happen
  • Smile!
  • Relationships are key - genuinely network early and often as much as possible
  • Don't make a decision in haste, but don't be afraid to take risks (oh the balance)
  • CREATE something the market isn't providing - it will propel you to stand out
  • If you bomb, pivot...

So with that, I'm on Day 4 of my first 100 days. I've already checked a few boxes on the to-do list, but there's more coming. It is the hope of PBD to inspire, uplift, and create for your business and your family. Don't count us out yet, we're just getting started. Stay tuned.


Spring Folly 2016! | Family | Kernersville, NC

This past weekend marked the annual Kernersville Spring Folly, a festival that attracts nearly 25,000 people the first weekend of May. It's a time of food, fun, and fellowship for the entire family to participate in. I decided to take the camera with us as we headed downtown. 

We reconnected with Teresa who owns Mama Bass. We were next to each other back in December at a local Holiday Bazaar. She offers unique handbags and hook-n-go totes, as well as a Hug-a-Luv memory bear which I've purchased but I'm waiting on the right moment to give to my son. Oh, and yes it's a Cowboys themed bear. *Smile* You can find Mama Bass on several social media outlets including Etsy, Instagram, and Twitter.

We also met Gene with G and S Gourmet Dips. They offer a wide range of dip flavors that you can make to enjoy. Fiesta Supreme and Bacon Cheddar were some of our favorites. The great thing about his dips were that they could be used for food, fruit, and even dessert. Tired of the same old dip from the grocery stores? Give G and S a try. Check out their Facebook Group

We had an awesome time this year at the Spring Folly. This was the first time I was able to visit the festival each day. I want to also shout out the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce for doing a fine job with advertising. If you looking for a great time with small town vibes, please check out the Spring Folly in 2017.

Phocused on fun...

Sakara | Senior | High Point, NC

As a photographer, it's a privilege to encounter inspiring people. Such was the case when I met Sakara. Her grandmother and I used to work together and I was honored when asked to photograph her granddaughter's senior pictures. This young lady is special! Hospitalized the week of the shoot due to epilepsy, she was determined to go through with her photo shoot. I'll admit, she was a natural in front of the lens. My assistant and I couldn't believe the ease in which she took photos after experiencing such a rough week. She's a natural! She'll be graduating a year early, makes straight As, and wants to become a doctor. Phocused by Darryl wishes you all the success in the world Sakara!

Mia | Portrait | Greensboro, NC

It's amazing how paths can cross. I met Mia back in 2012 while tagging along for a shoot with our mutual friend Ellie (9/10 blog post). I was just starting out with photographing people outside of my friends & family circle and was appreciative for the opportunity. We've remained friends and when she reached out for a session, I was so excited. Mia did a fantastic job during her session and her "look-away" shots are classic! If you're looking for a unique experience, you can also find us on Facebook at Phocused by Darryl Photography.