Downtown Greensboro Engagement Session - Greensboro, NC

"Love, joy..."

Chemistry is key is key to fostering relationships. That holds true, not only in a romantical sense but also within the photographer and client. We hit it off the jump. It's more than "taking pictures" - you have to capture the very essence of two individuals. The emotion the displayed by Bryan & Rondessa: love, joy, and contentment is there. Downtown Greensboro, sans the usual morning hustle & bustle,  was our backdrop. Capturing their wedding is going to be amazing and I can't wait!

Mia | Portrait | Greensboro, NC

It's amazing how paths can cross. I met Mia back in 2012 while tagging along for a shoot with our mutual friend Ellie (9/10 blog post). I was just starting out with photographing people outside of my friends & family circle and was appreciative for the opportunity. We've remained friends and when she reached out for a session, I was so excited. Mia did a fantastic job during her session and her "look-away" shots are classic! If you're looking for a unique experience, you can also find us on Facebook at Phocused by Darryl Photography.

Devin + Chris | Engagement | Burlington, NC

This E-session was fantastic from start to finish! We had so much fun and I have to admit that Devin and Chris were naturals! Set at Glencoe Mills in Burlington, NC, we were able to capture their love for another and they made it so easy. We photographers always appreciate that. Congratulations to you both and I look forward to shooting your big day next spring! 

Ellie | Portrait | Greensboro, NC

I had the honor to work with my longtime friend Ellie. I lose track of time so quickly when I think that 3 short years ago we both started doing photography. I've been fortunate to work together with her on several weddings and other various shoots. They call us "Ebony & Ivory". :-) This shoot took place on the outskirts of the city on a beautiful farm providing an array of backdrops. Ellie, as usual, always does a marvelous job! Have you reached out to let us phocus on you?

Brooke | Senior | Greensboro, NC

Phocused by Darryl Photography had the pleasure of photographing Brooke's senior pictures in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. I've known the 2015 graduate since she was a youngster. I've kept in touch over the years and felt honored when her mother asked us to shoot Brooke's photos. Our shoot was upbeat and she did a great job. Congratulations Brooke! We wish you all the best! If you're looking for senior photos and desire a unique photo shoot you can find us on Facebook at Phocused by Darryl Photography.

Chantal + Jarvis | Maternity | Winston-Salem, NC

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph this awesome couple as they prepare for their little one. The shoot took place at the beautiful Tanglewood Park. The chemistry was great and they both did a phenomenal job - even Harley the dog posed well. You could feel the love between them and know that the soon to be bundle of joy will be loved tremendously.

Aja | Senior | Greensboro, NC

Recently I was asked by a dear friend if I was able to photograph her sister for her senior pictures. Who I encountered was a lovely young lady full of enthusiasm and drive. Aja is graduating from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I know a thing or two about UNCG seeing that I'm a proud alumni. She'll be obtaining her English Major, American Sign Language (ASL) Minor and Entrepreneurship Minor. That's awesome! We had a blast shooting her photos across campus. Congrats and good luck Aja!