Lending a paw... | Family | Kernersville

Everyone needs a hand every now and then. In this instance it was a paw for the last 7 years. Over the weekend Laker, our Yorkie, passed away. He was the perfect listener and always loved on us. I loved that tiny, 4 pound phenom so much! It's been a tough few days as we're still grieving but I couldn't help to think about the impact he had in our lives. Even better was the impact he had on so many lives. The outpouring of love we received via text, calls, and social media was enormous. We'll certainly miss that little fella. 

Last night I found myself driving through a fairly empty parking lot headed to the store. Something caught my eye - a quick blur. As I approached the building I noticed there was a dog running around the lot. I began walking up to the entrance and two other women were walking in the same direction. The beagle ran up to me. It had a tag and I immediately asked the women to assist me in getting the number. The dog, which obviously had been trained, cooperated long enough to allow us to get the number then took off. I called and sent a text hoping someone would answer. Nothing. I drove around the building. The dog was nowhere to be found. 

Some would say I was doing too much. Maybe so, but I could only think about what the owner felt. Do they miss their dog? Was that dog a child's best friend? Did he comfort someone and bring them joy? I'll never know. What I do know is that it taught me that we all can take a few minutes out of our day to lend a hand...or someone who may need it. Just a thought for the week.

Laker we'll miss you tremendously and I'm thankful for the memories we had with you.

Phocus on someone else today.

Jackie + Terrance | Maternity | Greensboro, NC

A few years ago I had the opportunity to photograph Jackie and Terrance on their wedding day in Greensboro, NC. I had such a great time shooting their special occasion so you can imagine the excitement I felt when they requested that I do their maternity pictures. Shot in their home, it was relaxed and cozy. You could see and feel the love that they both had for one another and for their unborn son, Nixon Carter. What an awesome name! This young man will be welcomed with lots of love!