"Trust me I'm not running for office. However, I am for the people and providing an exceptional product...."

Earlier this week my family and I celebrated 4 years of business. It was different than the previous years as the celebration was subdued and consisted of a conversation between us. I had to remind my 5 year that he was certainly a part of the business as his smiling face has propelled us in more ways than he'll never know. "Happy birthday PBD!" Then he ran off to play. 

As I look back, I never thought I'd be in such a position to affect lives by creating memorable media. The wheels keep on turning. Our first term is up and the same questions arise to challenge the current processes. What worked well? How do we improve? What needs to go? I have family members that have spoken about our involvement in the community and say "When are you running for something?" Trust me I'm not running for office. However, I am for the people and providing an exceptional product to propel businesses and families to cherish.

Ribbon cutting ceremony, 2017.

Ribbon cutting ceremony, 2017.

So what has the first 4 years taught me?

  • Good & bad days will happen
  • Smile!
  • Relationships are key - genuinely network early and often as much as possible
  • Don't make a decision in haste, but don't be afraid to take risks (oh the balance)
  • CREATE something the market isn't providing - it will propel you to stand out
  • If you bomb, pivot...

So with that, I'm on Day 4 of my first 100 days. I've already checked a few boxes on the to-do list, but there's more coming. It is the hope of PBD to inspire, uplift, and create for your business and your family. Don't count us out yet, we're just getting started. Stay tuned.


Wedding Expo | Phocused by Darryl | Kernersville

Last weekend we were privileged to participate in a wedding expo at the amazing Barn at Heritage Farm in Dobson, NC. I met the owners, John & Jessica a while back at a networking event here in Kernersville. After brief introductions, we talked at length about business, schedules, and our kids. This couple's amazing journey to bring about such a wonderful venue is without question to be commended. The hard work that they've put into it is so evident.

John & Jessica Jonczak

John & Jessica Jonczak

The Barn has a terrific view of Pilot Mountain. They're very close to finishing the Barn and I can't wait to see the finished product. In attendance at the Expo there were over 30 vendors from across our state ranging from hair stylists to caterers. My booth "neighbor" was a florist. Dawn & Hannah of Creative Designs Flowers & Gifts were great as we tagged-teamed services between potential clients. They featured some very unique floral arrangements which included a pineapple. That's a new one for me but I liked it.

Food! We all love great tasting grub! Castle Catering brought their delicious meatballs and black bean dip. Now I consider myself a picky eater and was hesitant to try the black bean dip initially, but wow! It was phenomenal. I'd certainly book them for my next event.

The event was a success. Interacting with couples from across the state and showcasing my work was key. I was glad to make several connections with other vendors. That's what Phocused by Darryl wants to do for you - make a connection and create a long lasting memory.

Weddings, engagements, portraits.....let us Phocus on you!