Bend, don't break!

Surely the snap would happen at any moment.

Someone once told me, "Be a willow tree, not an oak".  I simply wanted to relay that info to you. Give me a sec to get to my point.

The mighty oak tree. Towering over many at its peak. The wood from the oak is dense, creating great strength and hardness. Immovable to a point. You get the's locked in. Not going anywhere. 

Let's turn our attention to the willow tree. Long slender branches. Swaying with the faintest wind. Strong, solid roots. Quite the opposite in terms of looks compared to the oak. 

So when the advice is given to be a willow, initial thoughts lean toward "WHY?!". Let's take a quick moment to view both in a storm. The oak tree, strong in might, holds true until heavy winds hit. Yes, the strong roots hold it firm, but near the base, possibly higher, the trunk begins to give and then....snap! Remember, the oak wasn't going anywhere but the inability to move with the winds causes its demise. 

How about the willow tree? Well, those same strong winds hit it head-on. Notice the branches violently swaying. There's no way it holds up. The entire tree moving, as if on beat, to the catastrophic force. When it's all said and done, the willow has taken a beating, yet it remains. 

Life has a way of hitting all of us with storms and winds. How we react determines whether we bend (to the point of near breaking) or snapping shortly thereafter. This past week I've tried to write this blog at least 4 times. Storms. Winds. Surely the snap would happen at any moment. Yet, I'm still here able to convey these thoughts. This week, when the going gets tough, get your bend on.

Stay phocused,