To sync or not to sync...

"It's ok to stop for a moment....

A week ago my wife and I went to see the great Gregory Porter in concert. I'm a huge fan of his music and ability to tell stories creatively. It was a packed house and the anticipation was building. The vibe in the crowd was so easy-going as fellow fans greeted one another. The announcer came out to give a few reminders and then Gregory took the stage with his band. 

I've heard artists before on albums and then perform live - sometimes they don't hit the mark with respect to the studio sound.! This gentleman easily sounded better than his album. To observe him belt out notes effortlessly left many of us watching in awe! But even better was the chemistry he had with his band. No sheet music, no hand signals, and no earpieces (well maybe, I couldn't see that close *wink*). They were in sync from start to finish. It was a sight to behold. If there was a mistake made, I don't think an eye/ear that noticed. 

As I look ahead to this coming week, I can't help but think about how I can continue to get priorities, tasks, and LIFE in sync. It's ok to stop for a moment and gather yourself to re-phocus. A synced life means you've at least created a plan and have the mindset to executed it. Do we always hit the mark? No, but that's ok. Dust yourself off and determine within yourself that you'll get it the next time around. 

What's out of sync for you? Drop a comment below with how you plan to sync. 

Thanks for reading!