Charged Up!

"......this IS my business....."

My wife received a text while we were out of town this past weekend. Her mother stated the TV remote wasn't working. I thought that was odd as I had just replaced the batteries a week prior. When we got home, sure enough, the remote was useless. I ran upstairs to the battery stockpile and grabbed 2 AAA. Remote worked like a charm. Replacing once didn't do the trick. Maybe the previous batteries were a bad bunch. 

Let's rewind a few days prior...

My wife and I went to Savannah, GA to recharge the batteries. A nice getaway to be together and refresh. It was great! We ate amazing food and had an enjoyable time walking around downtown Savannah. I even purchased a Polaroid camera (which my son has since claimed) to fill my need for nostalgia. It was much needed to spend time with the very one who encouraged me years ago to pursue a dream of becoming a photographer. 

The time away was much needed. Yes, in the day to day grind, we can get so caught up and forget the goals we're striving for professionally, financially, and marriage-ly (yes I like how that sounds). This post could have easily been about the business but when I look at it, this IS my business. My greatest supporter and cheerleader - she's the real MVP. We came back from our trip with a renewed focus (which I'll share soon) and mindset. I'm truly grateful for her. 

What are you charged up for? What aspects of your life do you need to recharge? Talk to me...


Mr & Mrs Phocused

Mr & Mrs Phocused