Bend, don't break!

Surely the snap would happen at any moment.

Someone once told me, "Be a willow tree, not an oak".  I simply wanted to relay that info to you. Give me a sec to get to my point.

The mighty oak tree. Towering over many at its peak. The wood from the oak is dense, creating great strength and hardness. Immovable to a point. You get the's locked in. Not going anywhere. 

Let's turn our attention to the willow tree. Long slender branches. Swaying with the faintest wind. Strong, solid roots. Quite the opposite in terms of looks compared to the oak. 

So when the advice is given to be a willow, initial thoughts lean toward "WHY?!". Let's take a quick moment to view both in a storm. The oak tree, strong in might, holds true until heavy winds hit. Yes, the strong roots hold it firm, but near the base, possibly higher, the trunk begins to give and then....snap! Remember, the oak wasn't going anywhere but the inability to move with the winds causes its demise. 

How about the willow tree? Well, those same strong winds hit it head-on. Notice the branches violently swaying. There's no way it holds up. The entire tree moving, as if on beat, to the catastrophic force. When it's all said and done, the willow has taken a beating, yet it remains. 

Life has a way of hitting all of us with storms and winds. How we react determines whether we bend (to the point of near breaking) or snapping shortly thereafter. This past week I've tried to write this blog at least 4 times. Storms. Winds. Surely the snap would happen at any moment. Yet, I'm still here able to convey these thoughts. This week, when the going gets tough, get your bend on.

Stay phocused,



To sync or not to sync...

"It's ok to stop for a moment....

A week ago my wife and I went to see the great Gregory Porter in concert. I'm a huge fan of his music and ability to tell stories creatively. It was a packed house and the anticipation was building. The vibe in the crowd was so easy-going as fellow fans greeted one another. The announcer came out to give a few reminders and then Gregory took the stage with his band. 

I've heard artists before on albums and then perform live - sometimes they don't hit the mark with respect to the studio sound.! This gentleman easily sounded better than his album. To observe him belt out notes effortlessly left many of us watching in awe! But even better was the chemistry he had with his band. No sheet music, no hand signals, and no earpieces (well maybe, I couldn't see that close *wink*). They were in sync from start to finish. It was a sight to behold. If there was a mistake made, I don't think an eye/ear that noticed. 

As I look ahead to this coming week, I can't help but think about how I can continue to get priorities, tasks, and LIFE in sync. It's ok to stop for a moment and gather yourself to re-phocus. A synced life means you've at least created a plan and have the mindset to executed it. Do we always hit the mark? No, but that's ok. Dust yourself off and determine within yourself that you'll get it the next time around. 

What's out of sync for you? Drop a comment below with how you plan to sync. 

Thanks for reading!


Downtown Greensboro Engagement Session - Greensboro, NC

"Love, joy..."

Chemistry is key is key to fostering relationships. That holds true, not only in a romantical sense but also within the photographer and client. We hit it off the jump. It's more than "taking pictures" - you have to capture the very essence of two individuals. The emotion the displayed by Bryan & Rondessa: love, joy, and contentment is there. Downtown Greensboro, sans the usual morning hustle & bustle,  was our backdrop. Capturing their wedding is going to be amazing and I can't wait!

I can see clearly now...

"...keep your eyes on the prize."

You ever had the light bulb moment? When everything seems to click and it "all makes sense". I've had a few of those in my lifetime. It's great to look back and reminisce. Perhaps you realize the emotions you felt when that "ding" moment took place. It's an amazing feeling.

Let me ask you: is it possible to force, maybe even propel yourself to that enlightenment experience? Sure we all get sidetracked but when you have an end goal in (ph)ocus, I think (and it could just be me) that you can persuade yourself to keep your eyes on the prize. 

What are your thoughts on it? How are you going to remain locked in on your goals for this week? Share your thoughts below. Let's stay on it!




Hit the RESET button...

"I'm not gonna be able to do it!"

Well, folks, we're already 35 days into the year. Did you make a resolution? Multiple resolutions? How's that working out for you? Has progress been made that you're proud about?

So many questions! I can honestly say that I've been able to check a few boxes, but it's not enough. "Come on Darryl, you can relax since you've made some progress." Oh no, my friend! Not today! What happens when you get comfortable, you get complacent. When complacency sets in, the opportunity to become uninspired increases. "I'm not gonna be able to do it!"

That brings me to today, February 5th. The to-do list is still staring at me. Daring me to complete even more. No need for procrastination. Let me let you in on a little secret: if your circle is full of squares, you'll be hard-pressed to find motivating sources.

It's a new day. Another opportunity to check off a box. How will you attack this week? Comment below and if you complete a task later this week, share it via social media with the hashtag #imphocusedman. I'm rooting for you! Let's get it!


Charged Up!

"......this IS my business....."

My wife received a text while we were out of town this past weekend. Her mother stated the TV remote wasn't working. I thought that was odd as I had just replaced the batteries a week prior. When we got home, sure enough, the remote was useless. I ran upstairs to the battery stockpile and grabbed 2 AAA. Remote worked like a charm. Replacing once didn't do the trick. Maybe the previous batteries were a bad bunch. 

Let's rewind a few days prior...

My wife and I went to Savannah, GA to recharge the batteries. A nice getaway to be together and refresh. It was great! We ate amazing food and had an enjoyable time walking around downtown Savannah. I even purchased a Polaroid camera (which my son has since claimed) to fill my need for nostalgia. It was much needed to spend time with the very one who encouraged me years ago to pursue a dream of becoming a photographer. 

The time away was much needed. Yes, in the day to day grind, we can get so caught up and forget the goals we're striving for professionally, financially, and marriage-ly (yes I like how that sounds). This post could have easily been about the business but when I look at it, this IS my business. My greatest supporter and cheerleader - she's the real MVP. We came back from our trip with a renewed focus (which I'll share soon) and mindset. I'm truly grateful for her. 

What are you charged up for? What aspects of your life do you need to recharge? Talk to me...


Mr & Mrs Phocused

Mr & Mrs Phocused

Where's my cell phone?!

"I'm good. Everything is under control."

What can you tell about a person from looking at their cell phone? Age? Financial status? Hobbies? It may be hard to tell. Many people will tell you they can't live life without a cell phone. Everyone has oneright? I know a gentleman that doesn't own one. I remember initially asking " do you NOT have one!?" His response was that he didn't need the distraction. Of course those sitting with us during conversation wanted to know what he'd do in an emergency. "I'm good. Everything in under control."

Such a powerful and confident statement. How many of us can echo the same sentiment? Knowing that everything is good and under control with perhaps your personal life? Maybe your business. The cell phone was simply an example as we know it's way much more to life than just a mobile device. Perhaps you're on the right track to getting where you want to be. I posted on FB earlier today "Plot your destination/dream. Buckle up. Appreciate the traffic, roadblocks, and detours. Just stay locked in on the end result. You'll get there." It's a journey ladies and gents, but you don't have to do it alone.

Who do you want be? Where's your destination? Whichever route you're taking, I certainly wish you the best and if I can be of any help along the way artistically, simply contact PBD. Determine what route you're taking and grab it by the horns! Let's be great! 



"Trust me I'm not running for office. However, I am for the people and providing an exceptional product...."

Earlier this week my family and I celebrated 4 years of business. It was different than the previous years as the celebration was subdued and consisted of a conversation between us. I had to remind my 5 year that he was certainly a part of the business as his smiling face has propelled us in more ways than he'll never know. "Happy birthday PBD!" Then he ran off to play. 

As I look back, I never thought I'd be in such a position to affect lives by creating memorable media. The wheels keep on turning. Our first term is up and the same questions arise to challenge the current processes. What worked well? How do we improve? What needs to go? I have family members that have spoken about our involvement in the community and say "When are you running for something?" Trust me I'm not running for office. However, I am for the people and providing an exceptional product to propel businesses and families to cherish.

Ribbon cutting ceremony, 2017.

Ribbon cutting ceremony, 2017.

So what has the first 4 years taught me?

  • Good & bad days will happen
  • Smile!
  • Relationships are key - genuinely network early and often as much as possible
  • Don't make a decision in haste, but don't be afraid to take risks (oh the balance)
  • CREATE something the market isn't providing - it will propel you to stand out
  • If you bomb, pivot...

So with that, I'm on Day 4 of my first 100 days. I've already checked a few boxes on the to-do list, but there's more coming. It is the hope of PBD to inspire, uplift, and create for your business and your family. Don't count us out yet, we're just getting started. Stay tuned.